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On PC, place a text file (.txt) in SteamSteamappsCommonFallout 4 with any and all of the below commands, ending with a semicolon (;) and a new command on each line. To run the script while in-game, open the console and type bat “filename” without the file-type extension. For example, if the file name is “test.txt”, simply type bat test in-game to run the script and all of the commands will be applied instantly.

More info at: http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Fallout_4_console_commands

Here is the script, put this in the text file (Drop all the materials to make the perks work.)

player.additem 001BF72D 10000; Acid
player.additem 001BF72E 10000; Adhesive
player.additem 0006907A 10000; Aluminum
player.additem 001BF72F 10000; Antiseptic
player.additem 000AEC5C 10000; Asbestos
player.additem 000AEC5B 10000; Ballistic Fiber
player.additem 000AEC5D 10000; Bone
player.additem 000AEC5E 10000; Ceramic
player.additem 0006907B 10000; Circuitry
player.additem 000AEC5F 10000; Cloth
player.additem 00106D99 10000; Concrete
player.additem 0006907C 10000; Copper
player.additem 000AEC60 10000; Cork
player.additem 0006907D 10000; Crystal
player.additem 001BF730 10000; Fertilizer
player.additem 00069087 10000; Fiber Optics
player.additem 000AEC61 10000; Fiberglass
player.additem 0006907E 10000; Gear
player.additem 00069085 10000; Glass
player.additem 000AEC62 10000; Gold
player.additem 000AEC63 10000; Lead
player.additem 000AEC64 10000; Leather
player.additem 00069086 10000; Nuclear Material
player.additem 001BF732 10000; Oil
player.additem 0006907F 10000; Plastic
player.additem 00106D98 10000; Rubber
player.additem 00069081 10000; Screw
player.additem 000AEC66 10000; Silver
player.additem 00069082 10000; Spring
player.additem 000731A4 10000; Steel
player.additem 000731A3 10000; Wood
player.additem 000F742E 10000; Carrot
player.additem 000330F8 10000; Corn
player.additem 000EF24D 10000; Gourd
player.additem 000FAFEB 10000; Melon
player.additem 00033102 10000; Mutfruit
player.additem 000E0043 10000; Razorgrain
player.additem 0009DCC4 10000; Tato

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27 Comments on “10,000 of EVERY crafting resource in 1 second – Fallout 4 – xBeau Gaming”

  1. So this works and it's great for crafting and whatnot, however, even though I emptied all my junk into a workshop my inventory is still 58488. When you do this, is there no way to lighten your inventory afterwards? Using commands is fun here and there, but I don't want to have to use commands every time I play.

  2. OK so if anyone is having a problem with using this you don't absolutely HAVE to put .txt in the filename to get it to work, mine wouldn't work or recognize it was a Bat file with the .txt as part of the filename when you drop it in your directory. so you can remove the .txt if it isn't working for you and then try again and it should work!

  3. So I did made a Materials.txt with all the names in your section and then i typed in game bat Materials but nothing works,it says: Script Command ''Materials'' not found. while i clearly put it inside my fallout 4 map same as you,Patched?

  4. why make videos on commands i would rather see a video on all the commands and the cool possibilities you can do there is no need for all these videos on "such and such in ONE SECOND!" like why whats up with these vids man

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