17 New Games 2019 This Month MARCH Release / PC / PS4 / XBOXONE

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Game Releases MARCH 2019.

Games List:

00:05 Tom Clancy’s The Division 2
02:03 Devil May Cry 5
04:08 Left Alive
07:02 The Walking Dead The Final Season Episode 4 Take Us Back
08:10 Assassin’s Creed 3 Remastered
09:45 Sekiro Shadows Die Twice
11:51 One Piece World Seeker
12:30 Generation Zero
14:44 Outward
17:18 The Sinking City
19:29 The Occupation
21:16 New Life
22:43 Ghost of A Tale
24:20 Tropico 6
25:42 Dawn of Man
27:32 Ymir
29:52 Factory Town

47 Comments on “17 New Games 2019 This Month MARCH Release / PC / PS4 / XBOXONE”

  1. Some times the more realistic a game gets the worst experience you have. I dont need a game that blocks me on the way with stupid realistic crap that i dont need ( ex. outward – drop ur backpack so u can dodge WTF). Future games are going in a total opposite dirrection. The purpose of a game is NOT to be realistic and do what you cant do in real life. Why game devs want to bring reality into virtual? so we can sit like a zombies in our homees and never leave ? idk sounds stupid and greedy coz many will do that pff coz they are 2 stupid to think for them self. All i want from a game is average graphics and a gameplay that makes me feel like a hero-ish not some random guy trying to do things i can in real life… Some devs just dont learn until they see their money gone :))

  2. Fuck, i miss single player game with the good gameplay and story. I have pc and 2018/2019, single player game is suck.. miss cod mw series, ac series with desmond, itc.

  3. It seems to me that the gaming industry is in decline. There appear to be no new, interesting, innovative games, just the same old, same old with zero thought put in. What is going on!

  4. Why do many of these games look like somwthing i can play on my cell phone and play for free. The taste in games on ps4 have sucked. No one nows a good gamw anymore, cause they like game like YMIR and a lot of these RPG GAMES like on are cell phones.. They just don't make them like they did in ps1 and 2.. But if us other players like a good game we might get lucky and get one or two.. But i think i seen maybe 1 games i would like to try but thats it.. And for the most part games today just are not the good.. And like i said its like playing spine the wheel and u might get lucky and get a hit. Get one free spin and u got another. Then ur luck runs out and u have all these what a joke games that i can play on my cell phone.. This is just my opinion and u don't have to agree or like it, u can simply move to the next comment. But we all know ppl can't help but get upset over a comment.

  5. Most these games seem to be made for people with tiny brains, they're so damn simple, I'd be bored in 5 minutes. I guess the Games industry figured out there's way more stupid people on Earth than bright ones. lol

  6. ALL of them same ol shit game, zombies, survival, remake. Fuck all these games man. Still waiting for NEW FUCKGIN SPLINTERCEL FOR FUCK SAKE YOU FUCKGIN UBISHITSOFT.

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