20 Things SMART PUBG Players Do! (#6 is mind blowing)

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Want to get better at PUBG? This is a lightning round of 20 tips and tricks to help you get better at PUBG. If you play PUBG mobile, xbox, PS4 or PC, all these tips will apply to your game. Leave a LIKE if you want to see more!

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39 Comments on “20 Things SMART PUBG Players Do! (#6 is mind blowing)”

  1. Very good but teach me how to kill 3 enemies at one they are like 1 vs 1 vs 1 but when i run in safe zone they spot me one with mini 14 one with kar one with awm and then i die because its damm miramar 100 metares2 of no cover i havem416 only with red dot and they are like 200 or 300 metars far and on of left on right one ahead i mean how i can kill them they just take me down like nothing

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