2019 Ford Ranger Review – Is The New Ranger a Game Changer?

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We go for a drive in the 2019 Ford Ranger

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Our reviews give you two perspectives. Jakub takes the perspective of the car enthusiast, while Yuri represents the interests of the general consumer. You won’t find details about engine compression ratios here, instead you’ll have real world opinions on what it’s like to drive and own cars.

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26 Comments on “2019 Ford Ranger Review – Is The New Ranger a Game Changer?”

  1. I paid $24750 for my 2016 Nissan Frontier Desert Runner with V6, four doors, auto, upgraded seats, off-road tires and suspension. $37k for a mid size truck? Ugh. Even a Frontier Pro-4X is close to $30k.

  2. It looks like the ranger is made in Italy…my alfa romeo 147 either had "ABS, ASR, EBD, ESP failure" or "left rear light, right rear light, licence plate light broken" , 2 famous error messages, yes 2 😀

  3. Old frontier?
    Search for NP300, thats the New frontier. As you know, the rest of the world have mid side pick up trucks.
    Toyota hilux, Nissan frontier (np300), Isuzu Dmax, Mitsubishi L200 (tritón), Volkswagen amarok, Mazda bt50, Mercedes x class etc

  4. The first time I drove one of these while I was working at the dealership I was really unimpressed and dissatisfied. The truck is so BOUNCY. Like you come to a semi hard stop and the truck rocks back and forth as if there aren't any shocks. Also they have a fan clutch and it's pretty loud when you press the gas. Also oil changes are a PAIN. You have to remove part of the wheel well to get to the filter and then remove a skid plate to drain the oil without it pooling up on the skid plate and making a gigantic mess. I was genuinely sad how crappy it felt. This truck is like the F-150's annoying little brother that nobody wants to be around. If you want a ford truck. Trust me and buy an F-150. It's so much better. This truck is over priced for what you're getting.

  5. Funny thing here in Dominican the new Nissan Frontier outsells the ranger by a huuuuuge margin. Also here all the trucks come in diesel variants and still its a close call here between Hilux and Frontier.

  6. Yeah, I can afford Lariat ranger not a lariat F150. :,( wish I could get a nice town and country F150. Guess I’ll be happy with a nice ranger. Give it a little exhaust, tune, stiffer suspension and be happy.

  7. When my 20 yr old F150 finally passed away 3 months ago I looked at the new Ranger and found the local price for the Ranger is $12,000 more than a Nissan Frontier. If price wasn't a concern I would have bought the Ranger but it is a concern so I bought the Frontier and didn't look back. No regrets.

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