2MD VR Football Review: Virtual Reality American Football | PSVR | PS4 Pro Gameplay Footage

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2MD VR Football brings the thrills and spills of American Football or NFL to PlayStation VR with an arcade experience that sees you control a quarterback in a series of two-minute drills. You’ll need to call the plays and throw the ball, and we show off how this PSVR title works with a bunch of PS4 Pro gameplay footage.

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13 Comments on “2MD VR Football Review: Virtual Reality American Football | PSVR | PS4 Pro Gameplay Footage”

  1. This game is great been waiting for something like this since I bought my VR headset. I must say the first few days playing this my body was sore from the workout. Looks like the beginning of something good that's coming if you're a Madden fan you'll love this game can't wait for Madden to come out on VR.

  2. I want VR American Football, and I will get this eventually. But the lack of arms and legs is laziness. I know they're trying to pass it off as a style choice, but they're not fooling me with that.

  3. This game has a great fun factor and replay ability. The throwing mechanics are spot on. It's a good sports title for VR. Not a full on type Madden game but what it does, it does right.

  4. Is there a decent American football following in England? I'm an American who's played my whole life so im curious. I know Jay Ajayi is from England but I dont see many foreigners in the NFL or even college.

  5. Second positive review I’ve heard about this game. Definitely going to pick it up. Seems to be better than the NBA Experience game which didn’t even have move controller support.

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