30 BIGGEST Games To Look Forward To At E3 2019

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The Electronic Entertainment Expo is one of, if not the most important event for the gaming industry. New titles are revealed as we bask in the hype. Previous revealed games are dated as we anticipate their releases.

This year promises to be no different – let’s take a look at 30 games to expect at this year’s expo.




44 Comments on “30 BIGGEST Games To Look Forward To At E3 2019”

  1. If the video is related to E3 announcements, then do not include games that are not going to be there at all, make another video if you want but no putting a random title and a lot of bs

  2. Oh my God, How are they not done with gear's of war, That whole series is shit, The game play sucks, Game designer's have just lost their touch, They can't come up with anything new that's good, It's either remake's or shitty sequels, Or worse, Prequels….

  3. Title specifically says games to look forward to for E3, so why talk about PlayStation games in this video at all. None of them will be at e3 and according to Sony fans E3 is irrelevant to Sony now so why would they even release trailers or info during or near E3 if it's so irrelevant. That would just prove it's relevance. Should have titled this games to look forward to and removed E3

  4. I’d say the Microsoft Expo is more important than EA for the simple fact of Sony opting out giving Microsoft full reigns to be the voice of gaming for a while

  5. Some of these games look so lame. Devs are really running out of game ideas. They to scared to make new series so they stick with games they know instead of trying something different.

  6. Ghost of Tsushima is the only game I'm looking forward to this year because it's an open world game based in Feudal Japan. Everything else looks exactly the same as all the games we got last year.

  7. I think wolfenstein could go better if was a brother and a sister so players could choose if they want to play as male or female.
    I don't think that playing as female after so many games playing as male will sit well with the fans.

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