#93 Top 10 Android Games – Best of The Week – Brain Action 2012

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1. Steampunk Skull Free 0:20

2. MC3 0:31

3. Gold Miner Free 2:36

4. Traffic Panic 3:51

5. Stupid Ninjas 4:30

6. Frog Jump in Maze 5:38

7. DeadOnArrival 6:38

8. MoonChaser 7:55

9. SnowBomber Lite 8:55

10. WM Splash 10:09

11. Magui – the camera Hog 11:15

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– The camera I use to record with audio = Canon PowerShot SX230 HS
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– My birds name is Magui and he is a Green Cheek Conure (parrot)
– I am from Portland (Hillsboro) Oregon USA
– I speak 2 languages – Spanish & of course English
– I am a Gemini and I’m 25 years young
– I started this channel on 11/15/2010
– I never even meant to do any of this. This was a fortunate happening and I started back when nobody was into what I am doing now. I had put 10 of the worst videos I ever made, and those videos got me here today!!!
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