A Metal Gear Solid & Snatcher Racing Game?! – Speed King – Rare Obscure or Retro – Rerez

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Released by Konami in 1996 on the Playstation this futuristic racer was made to compete with Psygnosis’ WipEout. Check out some exclusive gameplay from a title that never made it to North America.

Music by the wonderfully talented: http://www.purple-planet.com

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20 Comments on “A Metal Gear Solid & Snatcher Racing Game?! – Speed King – Rare Obscure or Retro – Rerez”

  1. Speak of the devil and he shall come. I mentioned WipEout a bunch while watching this playlist, and then the very next video that plays, there you are talking about WipEout.

    I'd totally try to reverse-engineer this game to port the different to WipEout's engine if I only had a copy…

    Oh, and as for the whole Konami thing, if this game ever had a remake then I could totally imagine Boktai references getting thrown in as well.

  2. Might be a blast if you memorise the track layouts and change the view, thanks for giving me something to pick up, I'm a huge futuristic racing nut and as there's no new games for the genre coming out as of late, and I dare not touch F-ZERO for a long while. (Grew up on the PS1) This looks like it could be a nice distraction.

  3. The song that starts playing at 3:40 sounds very nice! I really enjoy it!
    It sounds like the PC engine, in fact, it might just be from a PC engine game that I haven't yet played! Is it from the PC engine CD version of Snatcher? I haven't played any version other than the PC-88 one (which I couldn't get very far in)

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