A Plague Tale: Innocence – Before You Buy

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A Plague Tale: Innocence (PC, PS4, Xbox One) is a singleplayer adventure with a grim twist. What’s the deal? Let’s talk.
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24 Comments on “A Plague Tale: Innocence – Before You Buy”

  1. In french the name Hugo isnt pronouce "you go" x) but more like "HHuGO" the H it's really pronouce and the U isnt tell the same way as in english

  2. Bruh I disagree with one thing, the voice acting is really good, sometimes a little wonky, but normally you can hear the pain and sadness in their voices, you can hear the fear in their voices when they are in danger

  3. I had only seen a trailer for this game on the PlayStation YouTube channel a few days ago, and I was mildly interested from first sight. I just had a son two days ago, so I'm all for short experiences at the moment, so looks like I'll be gettin' this game hopefully soon.

  4. It's ok. 7/10. People should not necessary conflate the saturation of big budget live service games within the current market and the proportionate lack of self-contained, linear, narrative-driven games with the assumption that the latter is innately better as a result. This game is small, cute, very playable, but it is over in 10-15 hours, and I really want more for my money at the game's current, so -called budget, price point.

    I have struggled with Days Gone after I felt that it fell into the same Ubification issues of AC: Odyssey. I picked up Plague yesterday hoping to be refreshed. I am a bit, for the moment, but I really observe that too much linearity can be a bit of a chore to get through if you are looking for new, novel engagement with your games. I think the trifecta of game design really comes from equal parts challenge, joy, and progression. Build a narrative structure and gameplay elements that gel well together around a balanced engagement of those three elements, and I am pretty well sold.

    This personal formula is exactly that, personal, and I don't expect its application to uniformly jive with all types of gamers. But, for me, I found the original Mass Effect trilogy, original 2 Dragon Ages, and the majority of the Metal Gear franchise to be exemplars of this particular formula. I find as I get older and more experienced in terms of what is on offer and what is personally more gratifying, the more difficult it becomes to find this balance, lol.

  5. this game is like a playable book. the story is quite interesting and the gameplay kinda walking hand holding simulator.. i rate this game 5/10 gameplay and 11/10 story book masterpiece.. overall its a solid 7/10 game.

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