A Solid Coop FPS – RICO Review (PS4/Xbox/Switch/PC)

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What were your thoughts on the game?

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25 Comments on “A Solid Coop FPS – RICO Review (PS4/Xbox/Switch/PC)”

  1. You can jut quit a mission before the bomb timer runs out and you'll just have failed that one mission, but still, 9 times out of 10, me failing a whole case is solely because of those god damn bombs…

  2. You are spot on about the Soundtrack/Music and Dismemberment. Those would have been awesome. They can be patched in and definitely modded in. Great review Brethren, you have a new subscriber. I am joining The Alternative Gamers Army, Crew, Platoon!

  3. You're right about the music : the game seems to feel like Hotline Miami in first person, so it definitely needs a soundtrack to enhance the flow. One question though : are motion controls available on switch ? That's a major selling point for me, as I really enjoyed it on Doom and Wolfenstein and I don't think I could go back to stick aiming easily.

  4. I feel like this was made more for local co op then single player which is nothing wrong with that cause we don’t get to many of those games anymore and I can buy this for me and my son

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