Adley App Reviews | Amaya Kids Cars | NEW GAME race car makeover Adley vs Dad

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HEY EVERYBODY!! WE HAVE A NEW APP!! It’s a really fun game!! It’s Amaya Kid’s cars!! In this app my dad and I can make our very own cars! We can decorated the outside, pick stickers to put on the car, pick out the cool wheels, and more fun things like kites and magic lamps!! After we make the cars we can pick where in the world where we want to drive!! I picked the desert, new york city, and italy!! Where should we go next?!

my last video – THE BOO BOO STORY! Hidden Presents from our Backyard Leprechaun for Adley (Hide N Seek Pots of Gold)

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my dad’s last video – MAGIC LAMP with 3 WISHES!! Adley chooses what the Family does ALL DAY!

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Bye vlog *pshhhhh*

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