AEW All Elite Wrestling PS4 & XB1 Game Trailer – THE WORLD IS YOURS 2019 (notion)

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The World is yours in all New AEW All Elite Wrestling developed by Rockstar Games. Take the AEW brand to new levels in Brand Battles and try your hand at becoming the President of the company. Can you score higher ratings than NWA & Impact Wrestling?

Notion trailer created by ElementGames (for fun) how cool would it be if Rockstar developed a wrestling game though? of course it would never happen but we can all dream right?!

All Elite Wrestling is the new major wrestling promotion funded by the Billionaire Khan family that has already assembled a star studded roster including Chris Jericho, Kenny Omega, Cody Rhodes, The The stars of Being The Elite the Young Bucks, Neville & Pentagon JR.

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  1. Will never happen especially published by ROCKSTAR they ain't gonna compete with themselves AKA 2K an secondly AEW isn't big enough for them to even consider they'll have to first have a loyal fan base ROCKSTAR will not risk their stock taking a hit.

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