Agony (Video Game) (Review & Impressions) (Xbox One/PS4)

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10 Comments on “Agony (Video Game) (Review & Impressions) (Xbox One/PS4)”

  1. I was so excited for this game when it was announced but everyone swiftly said it was terrible and then it was kinda swept under the rug. After seeing this I might have to give it a chance if i find it cheap enough. Also, I wonder if the screen tearing is an issue on PS4 Pro or XB1X.

  2. The nightmarish imagery initially got me interested in it, but the mechanics turned me off. If there's screen tearing then I'll definitely not buy it, that's really uncomfortable to play with. Have you checked out Scorn? It's an atmospheric FPS Horror game kinda like this. But instead of Hell, it's in some super creepy, H.R. Giger nightmare. It's not out yet, but looks really cool.

  3. My friend was very excited about this game, according to him the game is very bad optimised and buggy. I liked the description of the gameplay and story you gave us, but I don't think I am going to play, it seems like a poorly developed game with lots of issues.

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