Aliens vs. Predator for PC Video Review

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Gaming Pastime reviews Aliens vs. Predator for PC.

Developed by Rebellion Developments and published by Sega, Aliens vs. Predator was released for PC in February, 2010. A reboot of the video game series, Aliens vs. Predator is a decent game but doesn’t reflect what made the series so excellent.

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50 Comments on “Aliens vs. Predator for PC Video Review”

  1. SO much of this review is just you describing mechanics. Could just lay down the gist of it and break down why you think it's good or bad. You sometimes also say things are good or bad and then don't really make an argument

  2. Loved the review,but this will always be my favorite AVP game but im not blind to its flaws. I remember being at my grandpas when the game just camw out and seing a channel called S0uls for gh0uls play through it. i watched the xeno campaign first and thats why to this day i prefer aliens over preds. Oh and lemme tell you how to play the multi go into browse matches and i think theres a settings option then switch from servers dedicated player hosted to servers internet hope that helped you out!

  3. Alien VS Predator 2010 is a good game for me it's a lot better than AVP 2 because it's more balanced and the combat is better. The game isn't just rush to the enemy and who have better aim wins, it's more like a stealth game where you need to take your enemy from surprise but everyone have a chance because everyone have their own way to know where is enemy. But it suffers from several things:
    -Alien strong attack can stun lock predator, allowing alien to spam strong attack over and over until he is dead.
    -Too long finishing animations which opens you to other enemies. They should be faster and cancelable.
    -Too small content. (only 4 weapons for predators, 6 weapons for marines, and one type of alien). Alien vs predator 2 had a lot more.
    -Too long stun animations and knockdowns, making it = DEAD.
    -Marines can just block quick attack and then use melee to knockdown alien or predator and then just shoot it while it's on the ground.
    Game got TWO DLC which bringed two new game modes for multiplayer and some maps, no new alien type, no new predator weapons no new marine weapons. this is why people abandoned this game.

    -They could add survival mode options to change it between species (For example you as predators vs marines bot etc.)
    -Options in multiplayer to ADD bots, but adding to the server name BOTS (to make people know that there are bots in the map, which some people don't want to play with bots) So now even if nobody plays the game you could still have some fun, but sadly no :/

  4. I think people stopped complaining about this game when Colonial Marines came out. The alien movement in this vs. the crappy colonial marines is night and day. But your criticisms on this game is correct.

  5. I liked the AvP 2010 marine and predator campaign. The alien campaign was less fun since you stick to walls like glue to a surface. A major drawback is that all the campaigns are short. Once you are acquainted with the special moves it's over. I acquired AvP classic as well but didn't like that game at all.

  6. AVP I couldnt get into, it was to confusing, not knowing where I needed to go and what I needed to do to progress. Maybe the voice acting in the game told me but it wasnt clear to me and I was probably way to busy not getting absolutely rekt by xenomorphs to listen to the radio chatter. Also I found the controls akward. Im sure its great once you get used to the movement and dont get completely lost like I did.

    I love AVP2 though and I wish the game would get some sort of update or remaster. I have the original copy, but it doesnt support widescreen and higher resolutions officially and it would be great with a visual overhaul as well.
    I know there is mods to get widescreen and you can tweak the files to run a higher resolution. but it never worked properly for me and just became a headache. the main issue even with the mods I used was that while yes it was now widescreen things were still stretched out and looking weird and the mouse didnt work properly and it would move in a broken jagged left and right manner while trying to look up or down. diagonal mouse movements were a pain as well for the same reason.

    So since Ive just had to bear with it not being widescreen. I hope it gets a remaster and releases on steam. I would play the shit out of it. amazing game.

    AVP 2010, it is pretty and has a couple things going for it but I found it to be a bit lacking and by the numbers overall not utlizing the ip to its fullest. would be interested if a new one is announced.
    Alien Isolation is also pretty amazing and there is one or two more alien games coming that are yet to have a proper reveal. The dorito pope seem to have some Alien news for the game awards this year which is soon. he teased some alien stuff and interestingly enough the photos he posted might indicate that Kojima is somehow involved, though that is still up for speculation.
    I hope they are good. Isolation was amazing and Id love more of that, but an Aliens shooter might work as well, the marine campaign from the AVP games shows it can be done even though we have been soured by Gearboxes shitfest that is Colonial marines but I hope we are over that by now and will be willing to give the marines a another shot.

  7. I think the reason for many of the shortcomings this AVP game has is due to it being rushed out by SEGA who published this. Hopefully, Rebellion revisits this franchise someday because it has so much potential.

  8. if you look at the game quality and how good it's designed, for a game made in 2010 you cannot compare any other
    , every specie has a skillgap one can obtain aswel compared to other players on line.

  9. dude the marines need some form of hitting atleast. if you play this game online and play as a predator or alien, marine is a free kill regardless on his skill if you are not trash you'd demolish the little guy. i'd say its kinda realistic aswel, you're not going to crouch and not try and hit something irl.

  10. What I learned from this game is… Don't let your guard down! Don't let your guard down! Don't let your guard down! Don't let your guard down! Don't let your guard down! Don't let…nah forget it

  11. i loved this game to bits, my first ever game on the ps3 and i never understood the hate for it. It was my favourite game ever for a very long time. The nightclub mission for the marine campaign was undoubtedly the scariest

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