All 10 New Switch Games ANNOUNCED & Release Date Update | Nintendo News

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This week 1 January 2018 Nintendo Switch got 7 new games announcements/rumors and 3 release date update. Which one of these games are you hyped for?


-Games list
0:04 OPUS: Rocket of Whispers
0:56 Hello Neighbor
1:48 Cosmos Defenders
2:21 Aka to Blue
3:11 Ninja Striker
4:01 Cube Creator X

– Unconfirmed / Rumor
4:13 Little Devil Inside –

– Release Date Update
5:13 Save me Mr Tako
6:03 L.F.O.: Lost Future Omega
6:44 Super Meat Boy

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48 Comments on “All 10 New Switch Games ANNOUNCED & Release Date Update | Nintendo News”

  1. Little devil inside isnt something confirmed, maybe it will come for fall of 2018, in 2019 or never…. :/ but it sure brings all to attention… somewhat of an adventure story with attaching characters monsters and dragons…. can you make something more interesting really ?

  2. Oh my gosh I am so tired of u people posting side scrolling crap games! NO one wants them, not one cares for them! We wanna see REAL games coming out for the switch!!! If this is all that the switch has to offer I am done with it!

  3. What’s the point in having such a wonderful console and waste time and effort to make these BS low graphic games ?!? I mean come on… they look like Game boy color games at best ( and no not all of them of course but the majority do .. I get the occasional throw back but this is too much )

  4. Its so weird they have this thing called Hello nieghbor. Reminds me of this show its based on real disputes, and called fear thy neibhor Obviously, its about neighbors taking things too far and it ends up in some sort of voilence, someone always ends up dead in the end.

  5. Grat, even more mediocre garbage coming to the Switch. I got a bad feeling. Something tells me the Switch is the new Wii. The good to utter shit ratio of games is going to be horrid just like the Wii. 1 good game for every 100 piece of shit shovel ware games.

  6. Little devil inside was greenlit on Steam over 2 years ago and then they fell off the grid. hopefully the game is finally coming, looks legit

  7. the current new games sucks, but that is probably because the gems are being polished. Most of the games in this video looked like it was meant for android but if it wasnt for mario oddessey and botw, I would have trash talked on how shitty the games look for the current line up of games.

  8. 'AKA to Blue' looks really cool! Just hope they don't charge more than $20 dollars for the game, but I know I'll have to spend an extra $10 for the physical copy.

  9. I want to get a japanese style rpg game for the Switch. Any suggestions, aside from 'Xenoblade'? I loved the demo for 'Octopath Traveler' and 'Lost Sphere' looks like it will be good. Are there any other rpgs out or anticipated by some as being great?

  10. what is it with your vids nowdays where the last game took the rest of the whole video as an extended till the end?
    also hello neighbor have finally released on PC and XBONE…. it received very poorly from the looks of things as the game didn't deliver to what it promised, like remember how smart the guy who's haunting you was on those trailers? the final build never shows that at all as that guy kept mindlessly run and walk toward walls and objects, not to mention the bugs and crashes. I bet if it's on the switch it will gonna run even worse.

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