*ALL* Fortnite Trailers! (Seasons 1-9) in HD

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This is a video showcasing Fortnite’s trailers and the evolution of the game!

These materials are copyrighted and belong to Epic Games.

46 Comments on “*ALL* Fortnite Trailers! (Seasons 1-9) in HD”

  1. This video was made to promote and showcase the evolution of Fortnite. By no means is this my content but it did take a while to compile?. If you want to support Epic Games play the game and purchase cosmetics; if you want to support me use code RemixHaze in the item shop!?

  2. Season 1 – What is this game? Maybe stupid pubg clone
    Season 2 – why people so hyped on it?
    Season 3 – (i started watch some fortnite youtubers) wow, what an owesome game!
    Season 4 – (I started playing) OMG the best game with a great atmosphere
    Season 5 – (WHERE IS THE MOISTY?) something is wrong, atmosphere is not the same, but i don't care
    Season 6 – something is realy wrong, but i bought save the world and bought a lot of skins. So i enjoyed a new setting and cube hype
    Season 7 – something is literrary wrong with this game. Sweats are flooded whole game. And they broke my two favorite location. Now i hate it.
    Season 8 – this is not fortnite. EPIC removed all the most nastolgy places and now i just cry
    Season 9 – at few moments i thinked that, this's great, but it enough one-three gamesl to realise that nothing radically new has happened.
    Verdict: this is not fortnite

  3. Season 1- how do i play this game
    Season 2-i finally learn how to play
    Season 3-doing challanges
    Season 4-getting good at the game
    Season 5-being a coach
    Season 6-stoping bully
    Season 7-start trolling bully
    Season 8- first time seeing the volcano
    Season 9-Goodbye pump shotgun you will be missed ?

  4. Season 1 someone shoots at you: you build ramp and shoot back
    Season 4 someone shoots at you: you build a 1×1 with ramps and support
    Season 9 someone shoots at you: you build a 4×4 with ramps but they fucking ramp rush u

  5. Its been a nice trip since the season 1, and we keep it going with new stuff season after season… ?

    Not bad fortnite, somethings were wrong, but not bad ?

    Like the OG's from beginning

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