Anthem: Storm Javelin Gameplay Profile – IGN First

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A deep dive into the Storm Javelin in Anthem and the ability combinations that make it an incredibly powerful option when going into open-world gameplay missions.

Anthem:15 Minutes of Gameplay

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Anthem: BioWare on Endgame

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36 Comments on “Anthem: Storm Javelin Gameplay Profile – IGN First”

  1. This game is lame. Gear upgrades will give you the same skills, nothing new to play with just different numbers. Weapons dont matter here anyway, it's all about spamming your few limited skills and not having a skilltree to choose from. It's like Diablo3 would be with 4 static skills only. Broken by design.

  2. I got 2 friend passes left for the Demo and I’m playing on ps4, so if someone wants to join me just send me a message on psn. Would be a shame if those passes were left unused 😊

  3. I am intrested in this game, but I don't care about the javelin gameplay to much. They all seem alright. I want to see more focus on the enemies. All I see are swarms of them that can't hit anything and have no mobility to counteract the players. I think they will be pushovers with higher difficulties making them into extreme bullet sponges.

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