ApocZ: Xbox Indie Game Review/First Impressions!

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I just wanted to give my honest opinion of this game based off of how much I have played so far. I just want to say that I DO NOT hate this game, its really fun, but there are problems with it as there are with any game. I just want to educate you on the game before you actually buy it and that is why I made this video.
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This is a review of the popular indie game called ApocZ. Its a really interesting zombie game that is really cheap, But fun to play. So what I did was list the pros and cons of playing it!

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48 Comments on “ApocZ: Xbox Indie Game Review/First Impressions!”

  1. I think the game has no cons only for this one fact its 1 dollar less than a fucking cheese burger from McDonalds I mean honestly the graphics are pretty decent ya they need to let you walk into buildings. In a nutshell its a great beta for a survival game. But the real kicker is how its only a dollar that makes it all the worth buying and trying if u hate it delete it and move on no harm no foul it costs pocket change o well that ends my drunk rant 😛 happy zombie killing

  2. I've played this game, along with many other indie games so let me start off with, i feel like i wasted a dollar. I know it is indie but it is still terrible. I literally played for an hour without finding a single gun. There are literally hundrends of zombies in one town, I'm up for a fight and challenge but you can not go around one corner without being swarmed by about 20 zombies. The sounds are off (not the sounds themselves) but if I'm looting a pile and then i hear a zombie next to me ima check it out and then i realize it's on the other side of the damn town. If i did it over i wouldn't waste my time or dollar on this game.

  3. I love this fucking game if people say it's bad decade the graphics are bad and they watched a video on youtube they don't know shit play the game and you will probably enjoy it if you give it a chance

  4. Horrible game makes me sick u spawn with a fucking fire axe have u ever tried to fight someone in melee combat u can sprint and fight plus ur sensitivity is so low u cant keep ur crosshairs on the enemy horrible controls nobody should buy this game get dayz im also pissed that this game can get so much money just cuz its based off dayz

  5. Decent video. I am trying to decide if I want to get this game or not. I think you could make a better review if you played/watched DayZ. All in all though this is a pretty good review.

  6. I love how he did a FIRST IMPRESSIONS video and he gets all this flak like it was a full review. This guy is obviously a console player and console players, myself included, have little to no idea how dayz works and plays. Cut him some slack people.

  7. Indie games on xbox for what reason I don't know, usually aren't complete and probably will have to have things added in updates for those who don't know. For example the tent probably was put in the game but does not have the script to be able to use it. I love DayZ and this is pretty much the closest thing to it on xbox so it would be exciting to see the game progress if they have plans for doing so. But from what im seeing from these videos there is no point in buying it at the moment because I wouldn't play it lol.

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