ARK – MODS FOR CONSOLE! – S+ Mod FOR CONSOLE? – What's Happening?! – XBOX/PS4

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Today’s video is explaining all the information you need to know about mods coming to the console for Ark Survival Evolved as it was heavily requested

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34 Comments on “ARK – MODS FOR CONSOLE! – S+ Mod FOR CONSOLE? – What's Happening?! – XBOX/PS4”

  1. Im sure there should be every mod that is on pc be on consoles. I play on ps4 and I would really want mods and im sure its rlly unfair that pc players have much more than us, console players

  2. I hate it how wildcard is technically bullying and giving the pc way more that console it’s like wildcard hates console I think there should be everything in pc there should be in console like if you agree

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