Avengers: Endgame Trailer 2 – Easter Eggs & Things Missed

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A surprise trailer for Avengers: Endgame has dropped at a very inconvenient time. But hey, we’re still talking Easter Eggs, Things Missed and References related to Hawkeye’s new look, the timeline, Captain Marvel, Time Travel, Tony Stark back from Space, new suits, Ant-Man, Thanos hiding in the garden and more! Sorry for the rushed nature of this and I appreciate you checking this out.

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40 Comments on “Avengers: Endgame Trailer 2 – Easter Eggs & Things Missed”

  1. Its peggy fucking carter talking. Wdum it doesnt sound like her??? Jesus christ watch The fucking Winter Soldier. She literally says those exact words. Jesus fucking christ. For a person evaluating what we may have missed u seem to have no memory of previous films.

  2. Here is my prediction for Avengers: Endgame…

    Iron Man is stuck in a time-loop.

    Based on all the previous movies, trailers, breakdowns, and theories I came up with an idea. It's possible that Dr. Strange used the time stone to place Tony Stark in a time loop when he bargains with Thanos. So in Endgame maybe Tony dies stranded in space only to find himself back on Titan with Dr. Strange and Thanos. Every time Tony "dies" he starts over again on Titan with another chance to defeat Thanos. That could explain the "thousand years" comment from the latest trailer. Tony is describing his predicament, maybe he's been living out (and dying) those 14 million possibilities Dr. Strange saw on Titan? Only Tony (with help from the other heroes) can pull off saving everyone who was dusted in the Decimation.

    I think it's pretty good. I couldn't keep it to myself after I saw the new Endgame trailer yesterday, so I made a Reddit account so I can share it. Thanks.

    If I'm right or close someone from Marvel contact me (I'm looking at you Kevin Feige & Rosso Bros) or Ellen DeGeneres.

    Here it is on Reddit:

  3. Honestly you can’t believe that it’s really cap, or iron man or nebula in those space suits, because of like they did with the hulk in the infinity war trailer.

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