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The Official Second Trailer for Avengers Endgame was dropped today! Here is my breakdown for what we learned in this trailer! Woof Woof!

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Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame – Official Trailer

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  1. Another thing I’d like to point out is that Hawkeye has his ankle bracelet when he is watching the girl shoot her arrow. I’m only assuming this is his daughter and that this happens prior to the snap?

  2. I liked that I woke up to such a nice surprise. Woke up, made my coffee and opened up YouTube and BAM!!! new Endgame Trailer. Great way to start my day yesterday. Now today I get watch all the breakdowns.

  3. There's a shot in the trailer……..which is hawkeye training a girl ( this is my assumption ) in age of ultron hawkeye's wife is pregnant…..his wife told natasha that he is a boy and his name is nathaniel…… Already hawkeye had 2 kids ( girl and boy ) and the third one is boy coming to the trailer in the background one small boy and a kid were playing and hawkeye's wife is there too……..it seems that things have been changed to normal…………just my assumption

  4. Mind. Blown! Woke up this morning to this trailer and had to call my son in to watch it with me. We are such huge fans of MCU. I love that they're all rallying together to defeat Thanos, supporting one another in hard times, like a family. As for my favorite character, I have always been partial to Natasha, even though she doesn't have any super powers, she's incredible. A strong woman trying to overcome a tragic and sordid past by fighting the evils of the universe. I've yet to see Captain Marvel, but I like her already. Im happy this film is coming so soon, I couldn't take it if they weren't showing it until summer!

  5. If we are to believe in Kevin Fiegi and his statement that we are only going to see the first 15/20 minutes of the movie in the trailers which has been holding to be true thus far then I wouldn't believe that this is an attack on the avengers facility because it just doesn't make sense to have a battle that soon in the movie of that magnitude and why would a retired Thanos attack them if he accomplished his goal and 15/20 minutes definitely isn't enough time for all that to transpire. Or it could be that Kevin Fiegi is lying about what he said we would only see

  6. We have now seen all the characters who appear on the Avengers Endgame movie poster appear in the trailers. That is all but one. Okoye has yet to appear. And thoughts just what role she will play in the events? Would showing her give too much away?

  7. "You see Ant-man jumping on a pencil you also see a pen in the background, which obviously means they're in some sort of setting to where their could be a pencil or a pen"………………..i didnt think of it like that, BRILLIANT ??

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