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  1. I couldnt play Heros of Newerth because of this specific issue, too much visual clutter. I play a lot of SSBU now and I do noticeably worse with stages with flashy moving backgrounds or super dark stages, than i do on still stages.

  2. I recently picked up nfs underground for the gamecube, because I loved carbon and thought it would be fun to try its predecessor. I tell you what, I have never had graphics be such an obstacle to gameplay in my life. Everything is muted, unsaturated, low contrast, and washed out. Which of course is made exponentially worse by the limitations of the times, with a resolution that makes anything in the distance basically just a mass of pixels. Quite a problem in a game where the objective is to drive quickly and predict and respond to turns and objects. I regret that purchase immensely.

  3. Everything you said is incredibly…. I don't know the polite word for that. Just go find a different job, if this is a job at all.. You are just clueless. I wonder how you get by in life.. how do you turn motion blur off in real life? Maybe go get your eyes checked?

  4. In Uncharted 3 remastered, there’s an easy glitch in the pirate boat, in the scene where your on the chair, before you get your holster back, if you change your costume to any that has a holster, grab the holster, switch back costumes, and you’ll always just be a head. I think this is because the game’s previous default costume checkpoint doesn’t really load the fact that Nate has a holster, until later, and so if you change to the costume with no holster while you have a holster, the game gets confused and you become a floating head.

  5. before Final Fantasy XII was remastered and launched on PC, the emulated version had some hilarious cutscenes because for whatever reason, the emulator caused you to see more of the screen than the cutscene was meant to show.

    So every once in a while you could catch someone doing the South Park walk where their legs aren't actually moving, or my favorite where Balthier was just twisting his upper body around while the lower half of his body stayed locked in place.

  6. Dunkey may be a really funny guy who likes to make fun of video games n shit, but he really knows what he's talking about. He can really lay down the reasons why a game was or was not a failure.

  7. You’re wrong about overwatch Imo, although still clearer than lawbreakers, it’s still a cluttered mess. Something like tf2 on the other hand, is the pinnacle of clarity in a multiplayer shooters. Just like halo, the both teams are two contrasting primary colours that stand out from the environment, and you can instantly tell which player is on the enemy team.

  8. Just saying even though i agree with dunkey on somepoints and havent played halo 5 the thing is that you cant see shit in a real combat situation its just smoke and explosions wich makes the fact that some shooters are a ''cluttered overload'' okay . for me atleast

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