Battle ages hack! Unlimited diamonds! Atomic age? *Not clickbait*

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Game Description:

Storm through history and conquer your enemies in this awesome combat strategy game!
Progress from the dawn of mankind, build your civilisation, and lead it through thousands of years of advancement from the discovery of fire to the invention of the telegraph in exciting PvP combat of epic proportions.

Use your workers to build cutting edge industry, build and upgrade your defenses and employ great scientific minds of the era to research fantastic weapons of each distinct age.

Train your military and send armies out to lay waste to nearby settlements and steal their stashed riches.

Join the race through time and fight to be the most powerful leader in history!

Key features of Battle Ages;
– Lead a civilisation from the dawn of time to the modern age.
– Journey through 6 distinct, authentic, and exciting ages in time from launch, with more ages following very soon!
– Compete against thousands of other players for domination on a global scale.
– Research new and powerful weapons to aid your fight.
– Join forces with friends to take on other groups in epic battles that span generations!
– Battle players across the ages – see Neolithic Barbarians fight Medieval Knights, and Roman Legionnaires stand off against Union soldiers!
– 22 different units, 15 different spells, 11 different traps and more than 50 unique buildings to construct!
– Save your game and play across devices by linking to a social media account

Game Size: 83 Mb
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12 Comments on “Battle ages hack! Unlimited diamonds! Atomic age? *Not clickbait*”

  1. This is Pitbull 7222 xbox gamer tag. I have the number one clan for 2 1/2 years now on the xbox platform…I have been trying to get 505 to do cross platform capabilities so that we can play against playstation players. It would give new life to the game….Last year I was attacked by playstation players as somehow my gamer tag crossed servers…..505 gave my trophies back but that proved that it can be done. 505 kept saying it's not possible because Sony won't allow it. Well Sony has given the green light over a year ago and both platforms have told me that it's up to 505 to do cross platform….I need you to reach out to playstation players on global chat and tell them to submit a ticket to 505 asking for cross platform capabilities…our players at xbox are doing the same…we need your help on this…

  2. And these actual wimps that gotta cheat in games are the real losers and will be all there lives amounting to squat. Lmfao then one day out in the real world they'll get scammed and wanna cry to the police….officer he ripped me off….lol karma's a bitch. Idk why YouTube keeps putting cheaters in my feed cause i just thumb down n don't even watch them….title says enough to know there hacking or using glitches so straight away thumbs down n next!

  3. Hola amigo oye también quiero aprovechar los beneficios de las gemas y yo no sé cómo se hace para poder obtenerlos. Y me gustaría que tú me lo dijeras en este juego y en los demás que subas,por favor
    PD: saludos cordiales atte un jugador

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