Battlefield 5 Xbox One X vs PC 4K Ultra Graphics Comparison [4K]

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Today we do a comparison of Battlefield 5.. Xbox One X Vs PC. Does Xbox One X reach native 4k resolution?

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  1. Dude. If you’re gonna compare performance, do it in multiplayer because that’s where hardware gets to actually work and stress. A low-end PC will play bf5 campaign any day in high settings.

    Xbox 1 x barely gets to 55 fps in multi, even worse when there are 64 active players and explosions at the same time.

    My rig being:
    Ryzen 5 2600
    Gtx 1060
    16gb ram 3200mhz

    Total cost of $550~ plus tax which is roughly around $100 more expensive than xbox x, I can play this at a constant 70fps with drops to 60, lowest being 55. AND I save myself $60 for not paying to play online.

    So yeah… There’s no comparison.

  2. PC always Master race. Why can't people accept that? PC has better Hardwarepossibilities, End of Story. GPUs for the PC market are much better than outdated console ones and also the cpu for PC is much better, can be overclocked etc. The ONLY reason, why console games look so similar to pc versions is, because companies fit the game to the CONSOLES primarily and to pc just secondarily. If a company would produce exclusively for the best hardware, with all the optimisation a console game gets, we would get nigh incredible video quality. But that won't ever happen, because not everyone can afford 1000 dollar gpu and at least as expensive cpu. Console games are made for the masses and the pc market gets the crap that remains…

  3. Obviously B is xbox, less detail and that dark layer means less dynamic lighting. I have to say though, xbox looks really good, especially for the price. In the end I am happy with my migration to pc over console though.

  4. Does the PC version have HDR?, I'm not trying to play who's dicks bigger I'm just generally interested.

    Also the XBox X version is very dark unless you adjust the HDR & brightness settings in Video. But overall it is an absolutely stunning! game.

  5. Do not forget if you own a great 4k hdr tv we want see any diference at all and normaly here we have a pc worth min 1500$ runing on ultra.How many pc gamers actualy play on that kind of pc maybe 15% so having this days an Xbox1x is a furtune for just 500$.

  6. Ive played BF V multiplayer now on the PC and One X.
    Maps with lots of foliage and water show up a lot of difference. For example high quality versions of trees spawn very near for the one x, and there are no real reflections for water. Some other objects spawn in, too, which can be a bit frustrating. Other than that the performance is solid 60 fps on the one x. Only had significant fps drops when the V1 rocket detonates.

  7. Xbox has no shadows from light sources and no real time reflections. You know you can disable effects and put draw distance lower on PC too? That's not necessarily xbox one X's achievement, but lower details that still look good. You don't need 2000$ PC to play on medium graphics settings.

  8. The biggest différence is the anti aliasing, far better on pc and thé résolution. On x the résolution is adapting so it looks à bit blury. The fact they succeed to get 60fps at almost 4k on x is remarquable…

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