Be A Better Hacker In Battlefield Hardline

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Be the eye in the sky while your criminal cohorts rob a bank! Find out how to mess with the cops using the power of computers in this guide to Battlefield Hardline’s Hacker Mode.

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24 Comments on “Be A Better Hacker In Battlefield Hardline”

  1. I was just playing as hacker on hardline and scored anywhere from 1200 to 1600 points each round of blood money and the enemy was scoring 12 to 13k per round. How is that possible?

  2. Finally started playing as a hacker after reaching lvl 120 and trying to figure out my Netgear router configuration page ( really want to understand networking) while simultaneously practicing my typing skills. This does allow you to multitask unlike playing a regular match.
    Hope to see them add something to this with the DLC releases.

  3. Very misleading title. All you did was explain the different abilities that are available to hackers which A) the game already does if you just read the descriptions, and B) anybody can figure out after playing it for a single match. I was expecting a guide to how to better utilize the hacker role and abilities. What game modes are best for getting higher hacker score? What strategies are there for getting good spots for your team? Ect. 

  4. One the right side of the screen, it shows which squad is which with little circles that have the squad letter in them (A, B, etc.) During the corse of the match, I see some kind if bar fill up the circles- almost like some kind of progress indicator. Does anyone know what this means??

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