Being Lazy Earns Me Over $30,000 Per Day in Super Life RPG

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I wanted lots of money and I didn’t want to work very hard for it. Starting with only $2000 I quickly turn it into millions which in turn earn me more and more every day. By the end of my experiment I’m even earning over $30,000 per day, which seems like a lot, because it is. You can never have too much money since it can be used to buy items, upgrades and skills. The fully upgraded shoes made a huge difference.. Next stop an expensive mansion and some very expensive clothes. Super Life RPG with my commentary as always!

Super Life RPG –

38 Comments on “Being Lazy Earns Me Over $30,000 Per Day in Super Life RPG”

  1. hey there! Do you know where I can get the oregano?
    I need it to get the teddy bear :'(
    Also, how do I talk to the NPC's on the houses below the park?
    They are in their backyards…

    Also, there's like a picnic basket (?) behind one of the Pizzeria (the one above the theater).
    Do you know how I can get it?

    Pro tip… don't sneak inside the theater, it's not worth it… it'll only give 100 exp (I think)…
    and you won't bee able to work as a cop.
    Also, it seems you can only apply for a job once… kinda sucks…
    Don't apply for the game shop… it'll only give like 10 bucks per day, and the next upgrade is till level 45 or so…

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