Best Portable Gaming Systems

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Here are the best portable gaming systems for 2018.

More info on the Asus ROG Phone:

More info on the Switch:

More info on the 3ds:

More info on the GameBoy Clone:

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32 Comments on “Best Portable Gaming Systems”

  1. sad that no good on the go platforms exist,mobile is trash,laptops are expensive and bulky and my PC will always feel better,the vita and 3ds are dead,and the switch is good but it being portable is a meme with the switch being bulky and has a 2-3 hour battery life.

  2. I much prefer a gaming phone over the Switch, here's why…

    The Switch is not as portable as a gaming phone, as you need to carry it in a specialized bag, while with a phone you can just put in it in your pocket (Even the gamevice controller shown in the video can be easily minimized to fit in your pocket, and be expanded with ease)

    A gaming phone is able to do things that a Switch cannot do easily, such as browsing the internet, stream music, and make phone calls

    I believe that Nintendo could make their exclusives be easily played on a phone (Phones are now coming out with more ram to run games better). Take a look at Fortnite, Epic Games managed to get the Fortnite experienced on mobile, console, Switch, and PC and even added crossplay. Nintendo could do the same but choose not to for fear that they will lose revenue from their console sales.

  3. I have the Gamevice for my Galaxy S7 phone, it's truly amazing. Such a legit portable game console experience that I couldn't help but beat Half-Life and grand theft auto on it.

  4. You might have to redo it this year with apple arcade and a few others ( mostly romours but still) there's also the evercade which might be interesting. Hope we get more info soon

  5. Wdym?! Vita is still amazing, especially when u jailbreak it and it has moonlight and remote play and it's all (with accessories like a grip) it's under 200 if you know where to look

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