*BIG* Fortnite 5.3 Update! | Double Pump, Road Trip Skin, Galaxy Skin Release!

Fortnite Big 5.3 Update – Double Pump rumours, Road Trip skin event, and the Galaxy skin release date is what we discuss today!

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For everyone who is asking "where is my galaxy skin" here you go. from FortNiteBR

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49 Comments on “*BIG* Fortnite 5.3 Update! | Double Pump, Road Trip Skin, Galaxy Skin Release!”

  1. There isn't double pump. It takes a long time pulling out the pump after you edit or switch from another gun. They are decreasing that time, you still will not be as double pump because the 2 second delay will still be there

  2. this is just reversing the delay that was implemented to combat double pump when they brought double pump the second time (they also nerfed pump damage to walls because double pump shredded walls and have still not reverted this change yet either.) The good news is now i can pull out my pump and get off my point blank 82 damage headshot BEFORE i get intsa-lasered by an SMG meta noob now, so i will now at least get the satisfaction knowing he would have been 1 tapped in season 3 before my health and mats get obliterated by a three P90s. Shotguns are still very under-powered and double pump either needs to come back or they need to buff the tac and the pump. Pump should be 180 to head with all pellets point blank

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