BIG Xbox E3 2019! Xbox 2 / Xbox Anaconda Reveal, Halo Infinite, New Xbox Games, Inside Xbox & More

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BIG Xbox E3 2019! Xbox 2 / Xbox Scarlett / Xbox Anaconda To Be Revealed According To Reliable Source, Halo Infinite To ‘Blow Minds’. New Xbox Game Reveals, The Latest Inside Xbox Scoop & More.
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Dont say i didn’t warn you..

43 Comments on “BIG Xbox E3 2019! Xbox 2 / Xbox Anaconda Reveal, Halo Infinite, New Xbox Games, Inside Xbox & More”

  1. Colt, E3 has been a gaming tradition for literally 2 decades…I am actually very disappointed that both EA and Sony have pulled out…shame on them both.

  2. I will just upgrade my gtx 1080 instead ha I'll pass I bought every xbox 1 ,xbox s, xbox x and ps4 ,ps4 pro all trash collecting dust every day I'm so done with console πŸ™‚ I rather get over 150 frames with my gpu and monitor also using g sync see if xbox can top that lmao πŸ™‚

  3. So the Xbox one x hasn't even been out 2 years and Microsoft is already talking about a new powerful console and this is why I'm done with Microsoft what is the point of an Xbox anymore when you can just stream or download that everything Xbox has.

  4. Serious question. What is the point of even getting an xbox if you can get a pc which is wayyyyyy better than any console and you can play nearly all xbox games on it

  5. I just hope Xbox makes the next Xbox at least $700 so I know they haven’t used cheap hardware. But as a Sony fanboy I am still looking forward to the next Xbox to see what they bring to the table to push PlayStation not to get lazy. I would gladly pay 700$ for a ps5 and new Xbox.

  6. Hopefully yall get some games this time around. I know everybody wanna have hope, and idk what reason this generation they gave yall to have such hope, but hopefully yall dnt be disappointed.

  7. next gen can't come soon enough. current gen is a joke. freaking jaguar cpu cores… this arch was considered ultra low-end back in 2013. this is the reason for 30 fps in all demanding games. rdr2 runs like pure crap on all consoles, 30 fps with drops + forced motion blur to try and hide the low fps = terrible gameplay.

  8. Don't understand why people are getting so hyped after there last revel event off Xbox ohh I know HALO,FORZA and another gears 🀣 and I like how people say Xbox will win next gen you lot really live in a fan bubble I heard the same before last gen came out Sony's event will blow Microsoft e3 event away and this is coming from an ex Xbox fan who was there form the start but this gen they have been tottaly unacceptable this gen and a let down why I traded my 3rd party gaming console one x for a pro because of the GAMES ps4 has and the difference in graphics aint that much with the X and pro it's just sharper WOW and can play 4k blue rays WOW

  9. Looking forward to Halo and the power Xbox will bring,I have a one S but I must say this time will be Anaconda all the way! I hope they will drop alot more exclusives this year also. Bring conker back,it's ok to have old character's for new games.

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