BioPhoenix Game Reviews: Gamera 2000 (PS1)

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episode 182 (the real one this time)
so this is a quick back up review since the one i had originally done for 182 got blocked world wide by bandai namco wish is dumb so instead i made a shorter review on the game Gamera 2000 wish is a rail shooter close to Panzer Dragoon and based off the kaiju monster movie series Gamera. with that said thanks for watching and commenting 🙂
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  1. This really IS a badass game! I'm a huge kaiju fan, and especially the Hesei Gamera which this game is based on. Surprisingly I only found out about this a few years ago searching around for the few and far between Gamera games, and I couldn't believe that I'd never heard anything about it. Great review!

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