Bluestacks 2 – Install and Review!! Play Multiple Android Games at the Same Time!

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So, I used Bluestacks in almost all of my mobile gaming videos, so I decided to upgrade right away!! (This is NOT a promoted video!!) Here’s my ‘real-time 1st time’ with Bluestacks 2!!! YOU CAN PLAY MULTIPLE GAMES AT THE SAME TIME!!! We look at some of the storage aspects and a quick overview of the program. What do you think? Have you noticed any performance upgrades to your first Bluestacks? Leave a comment below (please always be respectful to each other!)!!! Thanks for watching, and have a great day!! YEAHHH BUDDAYYY!!!
*** UPDADTE 12/11/15 – The newest version allows you to Resize for Vertical/Portrait apps (like Supercard) so you can get rid of those icky empty spaces!!!***

48 Comments on “Bluestacks 2 – Install and Review!! Play Multiple Android Games at the Same Time!”

  1. gey dude i know u play wwe supercards on bluestacks but when i downloaded it and installed wwe supercard
    the game does not open it says this game does not support your device no neon
    wtf this means
    my lap has 16gb ram 4gb of graphics
    help me

  2. guys can someone help me i was supposed to download bluestacks 2 but my anti virus
    360 total security said that it has trojans in it, is it true or false 🙁

  3. nothing but problems with this damn bluestacks. wheres the damn home button? im trying to use google launcher but it says i need to push the home button. there is none

  4. well that's ok.
    how would I run few copies of the same game under different Google accounts by your advice wit this BlueStaff? 🙂
    Please don't reply if you don't really know how.

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