Bluestacks 2 – Install and Review!! Play Multiple Android Games at the Same Time!

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So, I used Bluestacks in almost all of my mobile gaming videos, so I decided to upgrade right away!! (This is NOT a promoted video!!) Here’s my ‘real-time 1st time’ with Bluestacks 2!!! YOU CAN PLAY MULTIPLE GAMES AT THE SAME TIME!!! We look at some of the storage aspects and a quick overview of the program. What do you think? Have you noticed any performance upgrades to your first Bluestacks? Leave a comment below (please always be respectful to each other!)!!! Thanks for watching, and have a great day!! YEAHHH BUDDAYYY!!!
*** UPDADTE 12/11/15 – The newest version allows you to Resize for Vertical/Portrait apps (like Supercard) so you can get rid of those icky empty spaces!!!***

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