26 Comments on “BO2 SLOW LOBBIES !!! [HACKED] [PS3] [XBOX 360]”

  1. Conspiracy: they're killing off the game because last gen sales were terrible the exact same time where the game "magically" got "infected" . Sounds like they're ripping us off considering that deleting the data from your PS3 will make matters worse because the possibility of loosing all the downloaded content you've purchased …it's quite an embarrassment that they would go this far to try to get black ops 3 sales up

  2. I was gonna comment about how you recorded the game but I remember those days when i didn't have an elgato, but yea this has been going on for awhile now but you there are still a few good lobbies you can go to ground war or just go to an older cod to relive to the good days

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