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Bootleg game systems are known for buggy and unlicensed software, weird romhacks, and poor translations, and in this video we’ll be trying out three of these knock-off handheld consoles! Some of these rip-off systems are just laughable, but others can be pretty interesting. I hope you enjoy this look at a more unique part of my game collection. Thanks for watching!


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  1. Hey everyone! Thanks for your patience with the upload schedule this week. I had some personal stuff to take care of which impacted my work. Hope you guys enjoy the new vid!

  2. Brah… you got all that game stuff in the background and you don't recognize New Zealand story music? { <Platform(s) Arcade, Nintendo Entertainment System, Amiga, Commodore 64, Amstrad CPC, Atari ST, Master System, ZX Spectrum, Sega Mega Drive, PC Engine, FM Towns, X68000, Virtual Console>} WELL OK, I was like maaaan I know that music but then when you loaded the game…… Also to me the term unlicensed means Nintendo/Sega didn't authorize the game to be made for it's system (Example Tengen Tetris)

  3. i have a fake knock off Wii U best purchase from craigslist ever lol at 1st glance nothing seems wrong with the knock off wii u until you compare them. its missing the stick control and the screen is smaller and the games are basically like the fake game boy sp knock off. though i do like the knock off mario game lol

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