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Following the rise of a #BoycottBorderlands3 social media trend, Take-Two has confirmed its investigation into leaked Borderlands 3 materials.

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37 Comments on “Borderlands 3 YouTuber Investigated For Leaks – IGN Now”

  1. We mistakenly didn't include this in the original script, however, we have attempted to reach out to SupMatto for this story, but were unable to find an available contact method on his YouTube channel, and both his Twitter and Discord servers are down.

  2. 2K and Take Two are no longer my favorite companies. They went too far. This was completely unnecessary, and they need to stop, and apologize to SupMatto. My favorite Borderlands YouTuber will never do YouTube again thanks to 2K and Take Two. I hope they get Sued!

    They ruined SupMatto's career!!!

  3. Same people who are all about muh socialism suddenly act like big business would never do anything unethical. This was 1 of your very few chances to put capitalism run amok on blast and you shilled out. This is why leftwing urinalism is a joke

  4. Garbage journalists pretending multimillion dollar companies are constantly being victimized by small content creators. And I just preordered this damn game. Thank you IGN for telling me to get my refund 👍👍👍

  5. Shilling out to Take Two, I am not surprised. Already been quite a few content creators breaking down the facts which you failed to do. Zero journalistic integrity on your part IGN.

  6. Ign why didn't you get supmatto's side of the story? Or acknowledge in this video feed that you had at least tried? Instead you posted a comment on the video that you had. Something sounds a little off. Maybe I'm wrong. But your report did sound a little bit biase.

  7. Why are they even going after him?

    He's not the primary source for the information he covers on the channel, and as for the "I have someone one the inside at Gearbox" claims. Why don't you fix the freaking boat?! If he's done something illegal, then why not send the police to his house, or just serve him a court order instead of sending PI's after him?

    Oh, and in addition to this 2k put 60+ copyright strikes on his channel meaning it will shut down in a short amount of time. Filing a false DMCA is a federal offence, and after what they have done I've gladly reported them to the FBI. I was really looking forward to this game, but not anymore.

  8. Why did you guys edit the article on your website and not notate as such? You took out the paragraph about supmatto using twitch exploit to get the info to make him look guilty. You guys ought to be ashamed you are clearly in take twos pocket.

  9. And now 2K Games issues 63 copyright strikes against SupMatto, even on videos that have nothing to do with leaks. This is just abuse of the YT copyright system and YT should throw them all out…..but they won't….and IGN's coverage just shows how far they're in the pocket of game developers.

  10. What copyright infringement, what discord sellings, what negative impact to the fans, what illegal leaks?! Too many plot holes for me to side with 2k. Nothing he ever shared was illegal, he was just telling borderlands news on whatever he could find.

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