(BREAKING) New BOXING GAME 2020 on PS4/XBOX 1 (Deontay Wilder ENDORSED)!

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๐ŸฅŠ Fight Night Champion 2 (short film): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EgeBq9nFDaM&t=9s

Deontay Wilder ENDORSES the new boxing game and speaks about it, this was just a week before his fight with Luis Ortiz. Check this out.

New Boxing Game 2020/Fight Night 2020 PS4 is here/coming soon! Have you heard the news?!?! ABS BOXING TV is back with that Fight Night content!

Will there be a Fight Night Champion 2020? Hey guys, Deontay Wilder just gave us some GREAT NEWS during his GQ Sports appearance…Let me know what you guys wanna see in the new boxing game, and do you have hope it will come out in 2020?

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Will Fight Night Champion XBOX & PS4 ever come out? We pray! NC Xbox One & Xbox 1. Fight Night Xbox.
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Fight Night Champion (PS3 & Xbox)

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    ๐Ÿ”ฅ Fight Night Champion 2 – Tribute: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EgeBq9nFDaM&t=9s

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  2. If these boxing games are legit and set to be released why wouldn't you show anything and keep us fans informed… can't get about empty promises and no content at some point integrity has to be established ๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜”

  3. I love boxing games, been playing them since the NES era lol! For me, the two best boxing games ever are Hajime No Ippo series and Fight Night Champion. Hajime No Ippo (aka Victorious Boxers in the western market) is a Japanese manga/anime about a guy named Ippo and his dream to become strong by going as far as he can in the sport of boxing.

    During the PS2 era, a game called Hajime No Ippo Victorious Road was released. It was the best boxing simulation game ever. Aside from having a story mode to follow the original source material's story, it also had a career mode where you can make your own character. You can start in any country you want. Each country of course has different food, and since this is a simulation, you have to build a proper diet for your boxer so that he'll develop his traits properly. Too much carbohydrates will make your boxer fat or overweight, while too little would negatively affect his stamina and endurance. Aside from diet, you also need to plan your boxer's training regimen. There's roadwork, weight lifting if you want to build muscle, speed bags, shadow boxing, tire pulling, swimming, medicine ball, squats, wood chopping and so much more. You can pick which training methods to use in order to develop what your boxer lacks or what you want to improve. Of course, developing the body affects the weight. You have to pay attention to your weight because this game has all the weight classes in existence, starting from minimum flyweight I believe. If you keep going over or under the weight requirement, you'll quit as a boxer. Sometimes, your boxer will start having problems with weight depending on what you're developing on him, so it could be the time to switch to a higher or lower weight class. Another nice thing about this game is that it has all of the sanctioning bodies included! Local national belts like the NABA if you're in the US, JBF for Japan I think, and so much more depending on your boxer's starting country! IBC, WBA, WBO, and WBC are included as well for the major organizations! You can win any of the belts you want, and of course you'll have to defend them. They even have the national anthems during the entrance!

    One of the most unique features of the Hajime No Ippo boxing game series is the FOOTWORK. In real life boxing, boxers use their feet to move around and slide to different directions to evade enemies. Same goes in Hajime No Ippo games. The footwork is FLUID! It's the best footwork in a boxing game, even now in 2019! None of the footwork from Knockout Kings to Fight Night Champion compares to the footwork mechanics of Hajime No Ippo games. Try to search for the video Boxer's Road 2 Adeno VS Araki to see what I mean when it comes to footwork. If only Fight Night added that footwork mechanic in their games, they'd be pretty much perfect!

    As for my wish for a future Fight Night game, I want for there to be a real PC version of the game, not just for consoles! I only really play on my computer these days and almost every game has a PC port anyway, so why not the Fight Night and other sports games? Even now, I play Fight Night Champion on my PC using the RPCS3 Emulator but being an emulator, it's not perfect and sometimes it crashes. Thank goodness you can buy the PS3 Fight Night Champion game cheaply these days. With a real PC port of the future Fight Night game, it'll make boxing fans who are PC gamers like me happy. Anyway, I also wish for a better Career Mode. I want for there to be random events that you actually participate in, unlike FNC's Legacy Mode where you pretty much just press a button but everything's done for you. I want the Career Mode to be similar to those WWE career modes where you can start rivalries. Of course this being boxing, it would be cool if in career mode, you can choose to use drugs/PEDs to enhance your power, but there will be drug testing for big fights and if you're found to be using drugs, you'll be suspended and it could end your career! There are so many real life boxing situations that could be included in career mode. Like for example, coach rivalries. In real life, there's Freddie Roach VS Nacho Beristain during the Pacquiao VS Marquez fights. They were cool rivals and they often said hilarious things. Then there's Freddie Roach VS the Rios camp where Alex Ariza kicked Freddie Roach when Roach said it's Pacman's time to use the gym when they were in Macau lol! Then of course it would be cool if you could switch promoters or be seduced by one, like how Manny Pacquiao signed a Golden Boy contract when he was still with Bob Arum's Top Rank!

    There's so many things I want from a future Fight Night game, but honestly, I'd be happy with any company making a boxing game. The important thing is that it's not "arcadey". I don't want boxers who are turbo punching or using special moves that can send enemies to outerspace. I want real sports boxing with realistic speed, realistic punches, and realistic footwork. It doesn't matter if it has real life boxers in it, as long as there's a career mode and a create a boxer mode (because I like making a representation of myself in a boxing game… to make a dead dream to be a boxer come true lol!).

  4. Iโ€™m addicted to fight night itโ€™s such a amazing game . From the character costumization the gameplay and the graphics for its time. I just love this game but we do need a new game where we can achieve more . More difficult a.i and a better detailed career . I think itโ€™s time to introduce a boxing game that can be more complex and challenging .

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