CODE VEIN – Blood Code Tutorial | PS4, XB1, PC

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The fight for survival is nigh! We want all of our Revenants to be prepared for battle.

Watch this tutorial video to learn more about the game mechanics in #CODEVEIN including Blood Codes and Gifts. When you’re ready order your copy to enter the VEIN:

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37 Comments on “CODE VEIN – Blood Code Tutorial | PS4, XB1, PC”

  1. The MC used late game build for early stages… Make sure u have experienced soul games before getting one. Code Vein is pretty fun to explore though, large maps with complicated maze

  2. So I love this game. So much that I am live streaming it tomorrow night on my channel at 8PM CST. The game play is awesome, bosses are dope and the level of difficultly it has is just marvelous. But, I do wish the blood veils matched the color scheme of each characters outfit. I spent an hour making a character, and the blood veil covers the best parts..

  3. Would be cool to get more ranged weapons like bows, handguns, shotties, or something crazy like miniguns etc with accompanying codes in future dlc. Guns that can be used as melee weapons just like the bayonet if that's needed for mechanics like gundaggers, heavy guns that can double function as heavy melee, etc. Whips, knuckles, fans, umbrellas, katanas (not sure if in already), dare I say nunchuks even? Many things for the imagination πŸ˜€

  4. This game actually looks promising to me so I really hope the developers worked on it properly since a lot of games published by Bandai nowadays don’t turn out well. Good luck with this new release, developers of code vein.

  5. Todo lo que hace Bandai estΓ‘ muy bien πŸ˜€


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