Concrete Genie PS4 Gameplay – How The Game Actually Works

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Nath’s played Concrete Genie! In this video he sits down with Dave to run through how the game works, and discuss its unique and beautiful gameplay

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45 Comments on “Concrete Genie PS4 Gameplay – How The Game Actually Works”

  1. I like the art style of this game! I don't know whether I'm going to love the protagonist's facial expressions, but I understand it's part of the game's artistic direction! The game definitely gives me AAA vibes.

  2. Do we know if the VR experience will be a 3rd or 1st person experience? Hoping for 3rd like Moss or Star Child but if not the regular version will be great. Still planning for this one though because it is so imaginative and unique. Been looking forward to this for quite a while now

  3. wondered what had happened to this after seeing it ages ago, i love these unique games, just like little big planet ,tearaway & puppeteer, looks great, think the motion control is wasted & not used enough by developers, only recently realised that on Diablo 3 it can be used to cycle through the wheel of options, only a minor thing but so much easier when selectig as i previously used the not so good analogue stick,

  4. I must admit that I thought this was a very kidified game but after watching this video it looks very interesting and now I'm interested. Thanks a lot guys….. You're the best. Peace.

  5. The sad thing is i feel like a lot of people will be skipping this unique and beautiful game like they did to Gravity Rush, Tearaway, Puppeteer, Rain, Patapon, Folklore, and other small / mid budget games from Sony 1st party studios. Especially when this game will be released in the same month with COD 4 and Ghost Recon.

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