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The Oldest House: The Dark and Intriguing World of Remedy’s ‘Control’

Remedy Entertainment’s new trailer for ‘Control’ provides a glimpse into this strange world, filled with unexpected wonder and dread. The Oldest House is a flawed, dark, dangerous but beautiful place of power with a personality of its own. Within The Oldest House resides the mysterious organization known as the Federal Bureau of Control, a secret government institute responsible for the research and containment of otherworldly phenomena. The Bureau are now facing a threat beyond anything they could ever imagine.

Control is scheduled to release in 2019 for PS4 and PS4 Pro.

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  1. Well how is it another dimension if we have influence over it, either thats not the case or this can be more properly describes as multiple localized pocket dimensions accessed through doorways or general examples of doorways based on examples from our own reality.

  2. If this is not just inspired by SCP, and it actually contains elements that connect it with the Foundation imma fanboy so hard.
    SCP really needs a AAA title, I don't get why developers don't use this rich lore to make a game. Like you have everything you need in terms of in-game lore that can provide a multitude of playable stories. All they gotta do is figure out the gameplay (prob horror/survival). Like if there was a mobile game or even on PC where you basically control the Foundation and your job is to contain the SCPs, in like a Fallout Shelter fashion or 4th person perspective, heck, I'd pay up to 60 euros to play that depending on the amount of content.

    Anw, these guys know what's up, drawing elements from the Foundation. I can't wait to see more of this game.

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