Cuphead Load Time Comparison (Switch vs. Xbox One X!)

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Cuphead’s visuals remain uncompromised in the jump to the smaller screen but how about the loading times? We test out a couple of scenarios to see how the Switch stacks up!
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42 Comments on “Cuphead Load Time Comparison (Switch vs. Xbox One X!)”

  1. A bit disappointing on the switch end. Still gonna buy it though. I'd rather wait a few more seconds than pay for another console just to get the optimal experience. Excited to get this as it's my first chance to actually pick this game up.

  2. A comparison to standard Xbox One or the S would have been better. This one here doesn't really show anything meaningful outside of Switch load times. Also, is this game installed on the internal storage or an SD card, and if an SD card, what kind?

  3. The loading times aren’t even that bad. The only really long ones are at the very start of loading something. I would much rather wait 15 seconds before starting a level than wait 15 second while trying to restart a level or have the game drop in quality while I’m playing it.

  4. Did anybody notice that there is a new animation for cuphead when you start a fight? In Xbox, he pulls up his pants. But in switch, he tried to get the liquid out of his straw!

  5. Are these times in seconds or mins.? 'Cuz fuck…Either way though, Microsoft takes forever to load so I'm not really surprised or daunted/disappointed by this. I'm excited. : )

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