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Be a hero, a villain, or anything in between. Welcome to DayZ, an online multiplayer survival game where each one of 60 players on a server follows a single goal – to survive as long as they can, by all means necessary.

Scavenging for supplies and roaming the open world never feels safe in DayZ, as you never know what’s behind the next corner. Hostile player interactions, or simply just struggling through severe weather can easily turn into intense, nerve-racking moments where you experience very real emotions. On the other hand, meeting with another friendly survivor in DayZ can lead to a true friendship that lasts a lifetime…

50 Comments on “DayZ | Gameplay Trailer | PS4”

  1. Picked it up,tasted it and then threw it out.This game is unfinished with a bunch of bugs and glitches.The inventory system is brutal and there's honestly no point in playing.If you haven't bought this already,then don't,you'll save yourself $50 and your time

  2. I've played both the PC, and ps4 editions and I say their both great, so through their is several bugs and glitches in the ps4 edition and Xbox versions such as the infinite tape use, the controls take a while to get use to obviously, but other than that I don't have any complaints. Just hope they do like they said and have monthly updates. Building is currently useless in both Xbox and ps4 as a person can go into a different server and walk 2ft toward and hip back on the original server an be in your base. Is it worth $50? No, but give it a couple months of updates and it will be. Idc about graphics but this game can be beautiful.

  3. Zombies…? Oke its looks good…
    But why they keep making the same thing?! There's about 4 or 5 games like this….
    Why not make zombies… In medieval era…
    Surviving with real sword and shield and bows and arrows… No magic… That will be hardcore….

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