Dear PUBG Mobile Ipad Players… IPAD VS IPHONE! (Drama)!

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Dear PUBG Mobile Ipad Players… (Drama)!
PUBG Mobile announced that
PUBG Mobile Ipad players cannot play in PUBG Mobile Tournaments! #RIP


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Editor: Inshot, iMovie, Adobe
Screen Recorder: IOS Screen Rec.
Device: iPhone 7
Game: PUBG Mobile
PUBG Ingame name: NotIbe

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36 Comments on “Dear PUBG Mobile Ipad Players… IPAD VS IPHONE! (Drama)!”

  1. Tbh I only use iPad just cos I'm comfortable with it the only advantage I'd say with iPad is that your fingers aren't covering most of the screen though the disadvantage with iPad is that you have to look around quite alot cos the screen is so big

  2. Actually i pad players have 60 fps advantage thats why they move and if you have ever seen an i pad player like talk to hand or panda pubg mobile they can easily see there legs and pan but i phone playerz or android players cannot see it….

  3. Lel, SOUŁ々Casetoo plays with toes too for fun ?
    He used to play with 5 fingers and 6 fingers and ppl suggested to play with his toes too (in sarcasm) he took it seriously..

  4. Hey Ibe I like your content I think it is cool. Also I think you should try to play PUBG Mobile on a iPad I think it will make a great video idea. See you in your next video.

  5. Look we see you got sniper clips and u play good… But moving the screen for no reason isn't a great idea to show off your skills like it is so cringe…. I see you are so fast but if you move your screen for no reason i would really close your video that's not being pro…. Thank you

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