Death of Hope – Legacy Trailer

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100% fan made warhammer 30k trailer
My ambition to visually create a moment in the Horus Heresy
with little to no animation or cinematography history.

All CGI and everything visually seen on screen done by Mark Spark within 1 year on top of a full time job.

Created and directed by Mark Louis Spark
3d environment models, 3d character models, set designs,
rigging and animation, editing, storyboarding, fight sequences,
lighting, rendering, special FX, texturing, shading, etc.
– Mark Louis Spark

Lore expert and voice actor – Marqus T. Kane
Music composed by – Tim Nilsson
Sound director and voice actor – Tim Pedersen

Voice actor – CASSIE KING
Voice actor – DANIEL MARITT

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Special thanks to my partner for being patient with this thing.

Additional Public available assets in the film:
Unreal Marketplace


Video is ready, Click Here to View ×

Video is ready, Click Here to View ×

22 Comments on “Death of Hope – Legacy Trailer”

  1. When making GW video games, do publishers use a standard template for sounds and projectiles of weapons? What about vehicles? For example, a warthog or wraith sound the same in Halo games made for IOS, or a triple A title made by Ensemble Studios.

  2. Everyone here wants to see the Death of Hope because of its animation, quality, setting, etc, while I just want to know whether this Contemptor Dreadnought has a plasma cannon or a volkite? ?

  3. Me encantan todos estos libros, están tan bien escritos y conservan un coherencia aunque estén escritos por diversos autores. Es una pena que no haya más libros disponibles por problemas con los editores.

  4. I love how the Space Marines aren't depicted as slow, lumbering, and super heavy soldiers in this. Rather they are terrifyingly quick and brutal, I really had to focus on the movements of the duelists which was really awesome. Can't wait for this!

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