Death Stranding: Important Details in 4th Trailer (E3 2018)

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Important details from trailer 4 of Death Stranding released first shown at E3 2018. Learn all the very deep secrets that people normally miss. These are very hard to find details and require patience to find. Includes the following:
Cold breath, and its significance of Iceland or transparent floaters
Rainbow lens flare (when Chiral allergy tears happen)
How the invisible creature affects black sand only
Invisible creature can choose gravity direction when handprint walking
2nd person on radio talking to Sam Porter Bridges is Guillermo del Toro
Fragile Express girl’s umbrella vibrates twice (protects from time fall rain)
There are tall skyscrapers in the background (and chimneys)
Unfolded picture shows DOOMS family with super powers and the baby comes from the girl
6 Black floaters go into black sand to become 6 goo grabbers
Hideo Kojima easter egg again in the black goo (wearing glasses)

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