Death Stranding: Important Details in 4th Trailer (E3 2018)

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Important details from trailer 4 of Death Stranding released first shown at E3 2018. Learn all the very deep secrets that people normally miss. These are very hard to find details and require patience to find. Includes the following:
Cold breath, and its significance of Iceland or transparent floaters
Rainbow lens flare (when Chiral allergy tears happen)
How the invisible creature affects black sand only
Invisible creature can choose gravity direction when handprint walking
2nd person on radio talking to Sam Porter Bridges is Guillermo del Toro
Fragile Express girl’s umbrella vibrates twice (protects from time fall rain)
There are tall skyscrapers in the background (and chimneys)
Unfolded picture shows DOOMS family with super powers and the baby comes from the girl
6 Black floaters go into black sand to become 6 goo grabbers
Hideo Kojima easter egg again in the black goo (wearing glasses)

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  1. Magnetist is definetely relevant in the game lore. I mean, we see magnetized packages, ferrofluid and invisible creatures that may possibly manifest themselves through magnetized terrain.

  2. Handprints shows only on black sand maybe because its hard to make them on grass (or creators wanted them to be visible)? They showed on car too in previous trailer, so it react too with other things than black sand.
    Different weather didnt mean that's other dimension, maybe it's just different weather in the same dimension?

  3. You forgot something: the shadow figure that "saw" Sam at the end…it looks like the black ombilical corde is tied to a baby as well, have a look. Perhaps they're using babies to see people just like people are using babies to see the shadowy figures?!?

  4. What would happen if Earth is meteor-showered by Tardigrades from the Moon? Tardigrades the size of the eaten seen in trailer & having space-time capacity? capacity may not be the right word, but im sure you may understand, thx & good work

  5. On the picture, is Norman also pregnant? Can Mads character be the father(in gene) of both? im saying this because baby in ''incubator'' seem to have the same eyes color as Mads. Also do you think that the Baby can be an attempt to give ''full'' capacity of ''Invaders'' to human highest ''authority''?

  6. Nice job but some assumption as far-fetched. Such as implying that the pregnant woman on the photo is Léa Seydoux' character… Also the handprint can appear on any surface, vertical or horizontal as seen in trailer 3, so not only on the back sand. On the other hand, good job on spotting Guillermo del Toro's voice!

  7. If Lea’s character is in the picture with Sam, why would he not recognise her? I’m thinking (and this is a huge stretch but here me out) she is the unborn child of that pregnant lady in the picture. She has grown to adulthood thanks to the Timefall and it would explain why Sam doesn’t know who she is.

  8. I don't know bro. Your theory about the super baby doesn't seem right to me. I don't think Sam baby is exactly Léa's baby. Check the second trailer again (3:54). I think the guy in black also has a baby support. I can't claim if there is a baby inside, but it's black. If she is her daughter, she also can't remember him as a father, as he can't remember her wife. At some point, it seems like her wife has super high-level dooms. Man about the umbrella, you are a genius.

  9. I noticed something. Look at her eyes when she holds Norman's hand. She can see the invisible thing. Look at here when they hold thier breath, she is looking at something Norman can't see. This is why she asked him, can you see it?

  10. There is a strange thing in the trailer: those huge backpacks Sam is carrying, it looks like they have no weight. At one time he runs in very steep difficult mountain terrain with a huge backpack. It's impossible for a normal person, you can try it yourself.
    So, either Sam has superpowers/is a robot or things he's carrying have no weight or there is something strange going with gravity. (I'm for the gravity explanation, because there is a lot of strange gravity phenomena in the trailer)

  11. That's a picture from in the White House I just realized from the thumbnail. Is lea's character sams wife and is Linsey's character the president? The black floaters all converge into one when one grabs Sam.

  12. 1:56 – I'm surprised it seems nobody noticed this: Notice the curtains and the US flag on the background of the picture. Now take a look at pictures of the oval office (2016) in the White House. Coincidence? Perhaps Sam was a politician or worked for the old US goverment before the fourth explosion that changed the world? Does he still remembers this or the process of dying and coming back (death stranding) makes the person lose memories?

  13. Sorry. But I don't think the one talking to Sam in the radio is Del Toro. Maybe Idris Elba since he is supposed to be his superior/support according to the leaks (that got some of their details confirmed including Lindsay Wagner).

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