Death Stranding Review

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Death Stranding is dense, complex, and powerful, steadfast in its belief in the power of love and hope when faced with overwhelming adversity.

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  1. Wonder how much game spot was given to make up a review that attempts to make pressing -L^ – L2 – R2 – R1….. And that's about it, seem like an actual game. Can't even kind of express how let down I am.

  2. I personally think this game is quite interesting, I do not think the gameplay is really interesting, quite mundane for most of it, but I think it's different, and controversial, and has created a variety of reactions from the community who know and/or followed the game from its announcement, it feels more like art rather than a game, Kojima said it brings forth ideas and philosophies that he feels are apparent, most people say that's a load of rubbish but that's kind of the foundation of modern art these days, I think what he said in his interview is becoming rather apparent with the amount of bickering and insults ive seen between people when talking about this game, so crap or not your setting the example 😁 I think this game will be quickly forgotten though, but no less a hidden gem.

  3. All these fanboys fangirling Kojima for walking scenery simulator saying ït's not for everyone. Well lemme tell you something, Star Citizen is leagues better than this game. I sure as hell bought that after being so hyped up for Death stranding but all I was left was my d*ck in my hand. Do yourselves a favor, if this is different game, please play other indies and praise them as well. Stop fanboying

  4. Serious question: why do you have an issue with seeing the BBs as equipment? I mean, in our society we are pretty much told a fetus is a non-living lump of cells. Hell, they are even trying to make it legal for abortions to be performed at 9 months. As I said, serious question. Can someone please answer it?

  5. The idea of walking in this game is contemplation. Contemplation about life and the themes involved in the story. I think this is what it's creator intended so it's not going to be for everyone but people who like immersion and to take their time to enjoy the atmosphere and ambience.

  6. Ever since MGSV and possibly before I preferred David Cage games as they're cinematic and don't offer huge open worlds with nothing to do but instead well-crafted setpieces and level design. In ways much more succeeding than the direction since MGSV.

  7. Can you imagine waiting for the week end to sit back and relax for a day and then boot this up and realize all you do is watch a movie with a user inputs to get around slowly and then you decide this game isn't fun and you wanna spend the day doing something else and look outside and it's already 10pm, goodbye weekend

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