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Devil May Cry 3 is basically the best video game since sliced bread. Just pull my devil trigger already, man.
Hope Devil May Cry 4 can live up to the hype.
Also, DMC 5, I’m lookin’ at ya. Don’t screw it up.

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4 Comments on “Devil May Cry 3 – The Best One. | JaBoc Game Reviews”

  1. Dmc4 might not be as good as Dmc3 and even that debatable but dmc4 was rushed out as a game so they couldn't make the game as good as they wanted and I'm pretty even though it was rushed out 98% of ppl still think it still the second best dmc game and the other 2% r the ppl filthy ppl who think the reboots the best

  2. Great video b, probably would've been better off releasing it a little earlier in the day but I dunno what timezone you're in it's slightly late for me. Also congrats on 200ish subs.

  3. The last time I came this early, it was to warn you of DMC2. This game really is in a whole other league. Glad you enjoyed it! 😀 interested to see what you think of 4 now if you get to it.

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