DEVIL MAY CRY 5 Final Trailer (2019)

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DEVIL MAY CRY 5 Final Trailer (2019)
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43 Comments on “DEVIL MAY CRY 5 Final Trailer (2019)”

  1. Man! That Eva part really did it for me. I can already tell, this is gonna be one hell of a party!

    We finally get to see the events prior to Dante running and changing his name to Anthony RedGrave (a.k.a Tony). I like that! I’m absolutely crazy about it!!

  2. For the people doesn't play any game of Devil May Cry or, don't have a good memory… Do you remember when Dante get for the first time the Sparda's sword? The flashback? "Dante, Vergil happy birthday" Or Vergil in Devil May Cry 3 call him for Dante… my, my… Dante is the real name, Tony Redgrave it's a false name because He can hide from the demons horde from Mundus…

  3. 2:30 the part where Nero lends his hand and it starts glowing kinda looks similir to the part where dante in dm3 did the same for vergil in the end . i mean it could either be Dante or Vergil falling down and Nero stretches his arm out and his devil bringer gets awakened and helps them…not to mention his devil bringer arm summons that giant hand. but hey thats just a theory .

  4. Damn, 3 seconds of Vergil's back is the most hype thing I've seen this year!

    Seriously need this game! But with so many characters I wonder how much it can showcase all of them. I guess it would be cool if the story could be 3 distinct but intertwined routes with each of the playable characters (although that seems more RE and less DMC).

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