Doom Multiplayer Review for the Atari Jaguar by Second Opinion Games

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  1. The network element is definitely imperfect but it was good to see at least when it went wrong it didn’t freeze or lock the game. I know it sucks it resets inventory from what you describe but at least it keeps going. Thanks for uploading was genuinely interested to see it!

  2. Nice review. Yeah it's a real shame they couldn't fix the network bugs before the game shipped… The printed manual even says outright that multiplayer games will crash sometimes. :/ For anyone determined to play the Jaguar maps on TVs and actual consoles, I'd suggest getting 2 original PlayStations (the first-gen gray slabs with built-in Link ports), a cable and 2 copies of Doom for PlayStation. You get all the Jag maps plus many more, and a far more reliable connection.

  3. I had a different problem with my Jaglink while I played Doom on the Atari Jaguar. If you were unable to find each other (deathmatch) within a certain time period the game would automatically reset. I thought you could see each others general location on the map–it has been about 20 years since I played, perhaps I forgot. Could you review the Jaglink in general? It is a unique piece of hardware & many people have never actually seen one. (EDIT) I didn't get a notice from YouTube about your JagLink review that came out the day before this video. Good box opening video, S.O.G!

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