DOUBLE BIZON + CANTED SIGHT in PUBG Mobile! (New OP Weapon Combo)

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“PUBG Mobile PP 19 Bizon Gameplay (PUBG Mobile Canted Sight Gameplay with PP 19 Bizon SMG Only) Double Bizon Gameplay in PUBG Mobile New Update 2019 – Player Unknown Battlegrounds Mobile (iOS Android PC) Best Weapon Combo, New Canted Sight + Bizon Gameplay in PUBG Mobile (OP Weapon) in Chinese Version”



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Hi guys! Welcome back to the channel! Today I’m super excited to bring you all an intense PP-19 Bizon-only gameplay on Vikendi snow map in the brand new PUBG Mobile 0.14.5 Chinese version-exclusive BETA update for both iOS & Android! We get to test out the brand new CANTED SIGHT on a double Bizon loadout, and the results are insane! Is this the new best SMG in the game, and is the Canted Sight key to winning future matches now? I guess we’ll find out!

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24 Comments on “DOUBLE BIZON + CANTED SIGHT in PUBG Mobile! (New OP Weapon Combo)”

  1. For the American players out there who love Guns remember these Guns are not real they are digital And therefore are not covered by the constitution and are not sponsored in any way by either the NRA or the latest issue of “Babes with Guns”, So stop getting over excited and wipe that stuff off your screen.

  2. How do i say i love ur vids like dialog and everything just really hate the sound of your voice..not even trying to be mean bro wish ot wasnt the case either way keep up the good work…sorry for the back handed compliment

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