E3 2019 HYPE – New Splinter Cell Game

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Hey guys! Check out the new ‘E3 2019 HYPE’ video about the next Splinter Cell game that should be revealed at E3 2019. Get ready for it. It’s 99% coming. Are you waiting for it? Let me know in the comments!

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33 Comments on “E3 2019 HYPE – New Splinter Cell Game”

  1. I remember when your channel had ACTUAL trailers of announced video games. Now it’s filled with clickbait bullshit comprised of theories. I’m sorry man but I’m unsubscribing.

  2. Game's I want remastered for PS4 or PS5
    All the splinter cell game's
    All the tenchu game's
    All the legacy of kain game's

    And make sequel's from were they all left off, anyone agree?

  3. Last years E3 games list got leaked from Wal Mart Canada, Splinter cell was the only game on the list that wasn't on the E3 besides all other leaked games turned out to be true. Im ready xD

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