Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain Review

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New looks don’t hide good, old-fashioned fun in this fairly sudden spin-off.

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49 Comments on “Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain Review”

  1. I actually quite enjoyed this title of the EDF series. While like you said about the missions the same could be said about the others. I've constantly found my self in EDF 3, 4.1 and 5 needing a gun that hit a long range over my main set after playing the mission for 10 minutes. The lack of enemies isn't that big of a deal as one thing I've noticed even in edf5 is that those enemies not near you just do nothing so the less amount of enemies doesn't bother me altho I've noticed they all have a weird aversion to the player/host over other players or ai. The weapon acquisition could be tweaked but I do like it. Even if you get the same gun to be bough as the next guy that doesn't mean you will be able to use it.

  2. The improved graphics actually make the game harder to look at. The sheer brightness, amount of particle effects and heavy shadows strains the eyes.

  3. I had the first one for Xbox 360 and then since all my friends are wankers they never want to play multiplayer so I'm thinking about picking up the rest of them and this

  4. This is the first EDF game I've ever played and seeing pretty much nobody complain about the framerate drops is imo nice, you don't need the game to be perfect if its fun enough and this game is way too fun to fuss over weird voice acting and framerate drops

  5. 😂 One of the best reviews ever!
    " If you can't enjoy new ideas at the same time while shooting a 30 ft spider in it's awful face, what are you even playing games for?"

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